Aisle Carpet £40 
Available is White, Ivory or Red

White wooden pillars £15 each
Mirrored pillars £40 each 
Why not put your centrepieces on them? Or we can do you something different for them (The 2 options shown below are both £50 centrepieces with fresh flowers)

Pew Ends £4.50 

Artificial Flower Runner £65 
These beautiful thick flower runners match our flower walls, exactly - so we have them in Ivory and Blush 
You can then re-use them by moving them to the front of the top table!
Why not co-ordinate the whole look by also adding the matching flower filled LOVE letters?

Petals / Fresh flower aisle decor  from £15
Scattering of petals either side of the aisle £15
Thick lines of petals lining both sides of the aisle £40
Foliage garlands lining both sides of the aisle with a few fresh flowers £50
Fresh flower and foliage arrangements lining both sides of the aisle £200

Confetti Cones with fresh or dried real petal confetti £1 each - Available in Vintage Prints, Newspaper Print, Book Pages, Music Paper etc and filled with real dried petals or heart shape paper confetti in either matching or contrasting prints, or printed with bride and grooms names and wedding date. 

Confetti Cone Holder - Free hire with 20+ cones!