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Brooch Bouquets £145

Generally made to order although we occasionally have the odd one for sale - See below for details.

                                                 'Carina' SOLD            'Natalie' SOLD          'Allouette" SOLD          'Adele' SOLD

'Lucy', 'Hayley' and 'Paige' All SOLD

Shell Bouquets £75 

 Lyria £75 FOR SALE

A white seashell bouquet with slight tinges of very pale pink and peaches, with pearls featuring throughout. The base is circled with beautiful cockle shells and 'stems' wrapped in raffia.

Doorknob / Button Bouquets £75



Selene is a whimsical bouquet made from Gisella Graham doorknobs and colour co-ordinating buttons. Aapprox 7" in diameter and stems are wrapped in white satin ribbon.

Other 'doorknob' bouquets can be made to order in virtually any colours and sizes, and co-ordinating buttonholes and bridesmaids bouquets are also available. 

Feather Bouquets £145