Aisle Carpet £40 
Available is White, Ivory or Red

White wooden pillars £10 each
Mirrored pillars £40 each 
Why not put your centrepieces on them? Or we can do you something different for them (The 2 options shown below are both £50 centrepieces with fresh flowers)

Pew Ends £4.50 

Artificial Flower Runner £65 
These beautiful thick flower runners match our flower walls, exactly - so we have them in Ivory and Blush 
You can then re-use them by moving them to the front of the top table!
Why not co-ordinate the whole look by also adding the matching flower filled LOVE letters?

Petals / Fresh flower aisle decor  from £15
Scattering of petals either side of the aisle £15
Thick lines of petals lining both sides of the aisle £50
Foliage garlands lining both sides of the aisle with a few fresh flowers £50
Fresh flower and foliage arrangements lining both sides of the aisle £200